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Professional Recording Studio in St. George, Utah.

Rock bands. Audio books. Rap music. Podcasts. Demos. You name it, we've recorded it! With over thirty years of audio production experience, we can help with whatever you need. Singer Marie Osmond, fitness celebrity Steve Cook, Relative Race's Dan Debenham and Country artist Tom Proctor have all recorded in our studio. We think that's pretty awesome for being in such a small market! 

We would love to have you too.

We have two sound rooms and a library of professional dynamic and condenser microphones. Ask us about our audio+video packages for projects like music videos and podcasts. Our studio is available to rent 24/7, starting at just $100/hour.

Call (435) 703-6529
Text (303) 905-9634

We have two sound rooms, a library of professional dynamic and condenser microphones and thirty years of audio production and recording experience.

Home and real estate, office, marketing and more. 

We have recorded several audio books that are available on Audible and other audio book platforms. We can give you direction on your presentation and master your audio to meet the standards to be accepted on Audible and other platforms. 

If you are a singer or professional musician who needs a professionally produced demo, give us a call. 

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