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Utah South Studios


Need to make a demo for voice over work? Singing auditions? College entry submissions? We can help. We have over two decades experience in professional audio production.


Our work has been heard on national TV commercials, network movies, audiobooks, and marketing initiatives. We have a broad library of professional microphones to meet any situation and the expertise to get the quality you need. 

Call (435) 703-6529

Text (303) 905-9634

Vocal Demo/Audition

We can make you sound great, and if needed, make you look great too. We have a full-service production facility and can cover your audio and video production needs. 

Voice-Over Demo

If you are trying to get into the voice over world, we can help you get started with a great demo! The owner of the studio, Robert John Hadfield, is an experienced voice-over artist. He has recorded audio books, training videos, and has been in both regional and national advertising campaigns.  

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